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Title: Where did we go? I drove 3 other people to The North in 2006 or 2007
Post by: TafT on June 05, 2019, 03:07:47 PM
I can remember driving a car full of people north, possibly to near Manchester.  I cannot remember exactly when but it would have been in my third or fourth year I think, so around 2006 / 2007. 

We parked in a lay-by.  Walked a fair bit to get to where we stayed.  Were not allowed to camp so slept in a small cave with someone.  Someone slept outside in a small space.  In the morning it was very foggy so none of us were sure how close the cliff edge was.

I was driving a Red Skoda Octavia estate.

We noticed that a route named something like "Falling down" which featured a large boulder half way up the cliff was no longer the same.  Following a minor earthquake the boulder was now at the bottom of the route.