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Social Events / Annual Dinner 2015-16 - T'Up T'North T'Innit
« on: January 24, 2016, 07:15:46 PM »
It's Annual din dins time!


The plan:

Leave G-Town Friday night (time dependant on what bus you're on)

!CAMP! at Hardhurst Farm, get pissed in the pub after setting up tents

!CLIMB! Somewhere in the peaks. I hear it's good for that kind of thing....

!DRESS UP AND DINE! at Premier inn in Sheff city centre. unfortunately the place has no music license (boo) so after drinking there....

!RAVE! Somewhere. Currently the plan is go next door to what I think is Sheffield's answer to schism. Top notch.


BUS: 91
CAR: 70

Menu will be posted when they send it to me, a google form will magically appear here regarding this and who want to share a room with shortly... when this happens I'll start asking for deposits as well.

Social Events / Annual Dinner 2016 - Early Bird gets the Worm
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:43:10 PM »

Talking to Clifton & Others and using common sense, the quicker I can find & organise a venue then the cheaper it could potentially work out. The club may need to delve into own funds to pay a deposit but that's something we can deal with when it comes.

SO destinations:


ADVANTAGES: Its day trip-able. There's at least two hotels (this years even asked me and Clifton both pre and post dinner to come back next year, so we've got that going for us). The climbing has both sport and Trad.
DISADVANTAGES: It'll be the third time in a row we go to Swanage... (But we go to cornwall every splosh and font every er, font. a new tradition maybe? who knows)


ADVANTAGES: Again, Day trip-able. Decent climbing.
DISADVANTAGES - apparently hotels a muchos expensive/ scarce. There's no Trad (A subjective disadvantage depending on your outlook on life)


Some pub suggested ideas:
-Avon gorge: Rave up in Briz post din din shennanigans if that's what you're into. Would probably look into hosting the actual dinner at somewhere like a travel lodge/prem inn with a function room ('*Groan* a shitty travel lodge?' I hear you cry? yup. Its a chain, but at least its reliable, and maybe cheaper!)
-Cheddar: Don't know much about this. But there's potential.
-The classic 'Lets do  craggy and the premier inn' joke - on a serious note, by doing this money could be saved in transport & accommodation faff (mainly on the student side) and more money could be spent on the food/venue/DJ. A lot of people also have hangovers that prevent/put them off climbing the second day anyway, so that usually becomes a write off. *Maybe* worth considering?
-INSERT SUGGESTION HERE: Sure why not. I'll look into it.



Not *really* day trip material to some, but the climbing is bomber. Likely to be moved off this list if there's significant protest.


No. Just No. Too Far, Likely Shit Weather. No.


Fuck driving that far. We have Splosh for that. No.


Unless anyone has really strong reasons for going to devon, I'm probably not going to consider it


State your destination of hate and why. Convince me to keep our drunk asses away.

Post your thoughts below. All welcome, I'll add/move/remove to the list whilst we discuss, we have a while....

Diary / GRADSPORT!!!!
« on: February 11, 2015, 07:54:10 PM »
So the uni for the ast 2 years has tried to push clubs getting in touch with its graduates in order to have a competitive/friendly get together with them once a year. Whilst we really don't care if you're a student/graduate/randomer (pre/ old/ lingering fart?), this year I thought I'd get us involved.

Whilst there's no solid plan yet, the date is set in stone as the 16th of May (a Saturday!) and is likely to be a nice happy boulder comp (maybe lead if we can sort it with SSP) with potential for a pub crawl afterwards.

It shouldn't be too difficult to get students to this as we all live in Guildford anyway, so how many old farts would be up for this?

News and Club Info / The club opinion on free solo'ing
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:20:06 PM »
Don't do solo'ing. End of. Disucuss.

News and Club Info / CLUB CLOTHING
« on: May 15, 2014, 10:08:18 AM »
It's finally happening!!!

Design below. Font on the back to be changed, all suggestions welcome.


Womans -
Mens -

Womans -
Mens -



- Post what you'll want and in what colour(s) DEADLINE - TUESDAY

I'll email the bloke and get a quote, but so you have an idea, roughly speaking:

Prices are pretty much below:
Active T's (breathable nice fabric, all print) - ~20
T's  (embroid logo, print back)- ~ 15
Hoodies (see above) - ~ 25 maybe?
sweet ass hats (embroided USMC logo) - 7.50

These prices vary as quantities increase/decrease, so I'll then post final unit cost. you then say YES COUNT ME IN or HELLLLL NO I DONT WANT AWESOME MERCH and I'll hopefully order by next Friday.

Sorry its taken so long folks! GET ON IT :D

James Brooks  - Active T white medium
Marc - T-shirt military green, Graphite sweet ass hat
Katie Sands - Active T royal blue small, stone sweet ass hat
Lauren K - T shirt & Hat, color and size tbc

News and Club Info / The New Committee! (2014-15)
« on: May 07, 2014, 12:21:40 AM »
Brian's Facebook post made me do a forum post. as of le agm, here's (Sort your apostrophes Dave) the new committee!

Chairman - Me (MegaDave/chunderdave/any other names, delete as appropriate)
Secretary - Katie Sands
Treasurer - Izzy White
Social - Matt Clifton (The Ambassador)
Trips - Jon Crabb
Gear - Joe Potter
Training - Nash
Boulder team captain - Izzuan
Web Geek - Novelty (NOT the bookies favourite that was the vending machine...)
Nick Of the Club - Lauren 'Nick' Kelly

Congrats to all!

So today boredom happened.

Here's a rough design, standard embroided logo on the front, print on the back. the colour inside the block will be the color of the t-shirt you choose.

Fire feedback, ides for improvement, etc. GO GO GO

Diary / White Spider Day Trip!
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:33:21 AM »
'For those that haven't been white spider is an indoor climbing centre which I am lead to believe is the Mutt's nuts.

It's about half hour drive up the road.

Cost to you guys will be 3 for the bus and whatever the entry to white spider costs (which you will pay to white spider not me)

I've got a 9 seater booked.

To secure a place please transfer 3 into the club account with an appropriate reference.

If you haven't been to white spider before you will have to pass a safety test when you get there, so if you've not passed the SSP test this probably isn't a trip for you.

Aim to depart campus at 1000 and return whenever we're all ball bagged.'

1)Nazhi (included in my generic debt to the club) (quit editing my post, to quote you 'I don't like censorship' :P

2)Izzy (paid) (d)
3) Joe P (paid)
4) MegaDave (paid)
5) Joe E (Paid)
6) Tammy (paid)
7) Crabb (paid)
9) Jacob R ( SSTL person, ish)

News and Club Info / MEMBERSHIP 2013-2014
« on: October 29, 2013, 01:33:13 PM »
Please only post that you've paid (ref if necessary) then message me your details.


Time to pay membership to ye good ole USMC. Currently we're the 7th largest club at Surrey, but I reckon we can jump at least a few places this year!

How to Pay:

If you're a student

1) Go onto our USSU page (link coming soon, can't get it at work) and click 'pay membership'. It should be 10, follow the instructions that follow. If the page is slow loading, don't keep clicking/refreshing the page as there is a risk you could pay twice.

2) Post here saying that you've paid and give me the following info as a message (as required by the BMC to get you membership)
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email
Also include for club benefit (for when you're going on trips)
  • Emergency contact details - Name of person, Relation to you & Contact Number
If you're an old fart

1) Pay the USMC how you'd pay for a trip online with the ref USMC <insert name> MEMBERSHIP. Again, 10 please :)

2) Follow above steps

If You're an odd case (e.g some international students)

1) Come find me on a Friday session/pub (if not then any other member of the committee) and you  can pay 10 in cash

2) Follow above steps

This year I'm not taking cash willy nilly from everyone. Its way to much faff and effort. If people want to send info & emergency contact info direct to me thats also fine, but still put that you've paid on this thread.

Why do I need membership?
  • You won't be allowed on the minibus without it
  • Membership with the BMC and 3rd Party Insurance. Hopefully this year everyone will get their cards (20% off various outdoors-y places) and  Summit magazines
  • to be awesome
  • to avoid hatred and nagging
  • You aren't a recognised club member without it
What happens if I don't pay membership?
  • Going on a club trip in the bus? No you aren't.
  • I'm going to a super cool boulder comp to represent the club! Guess again.
  • Nagging
  • Potential hate
  • lack of awesomeness

People I have acknowledged paying and have details for:

David Comer
Ibad Ahmed
Nicholas Culver
Hannah Burrows
Stuart Rayner
Matthew Clifton
Celyn Walters
Matthew Sweatman
Jason Tye
Izzuan Sa'adon
Sam Taylor
Adam Wade
Charles Cooper
Tamzyn Cotton
Beth Rapley
Josh Ponton
Patrick Shaw
Laura Werkmeister
Amanda Humphreys
Dilara Valejeva
Eleanor Powell
Alastair James
Thomas Foschini
Gabriel Ng
Ricahrd Nash
Killian Collender
Alex Davies
Sheldon Ford

[size=78%]^this will be updated periodically (likely quarterly) when everything gets sent to the BMC.[/size]


Don't post your membership stuff here - I'll make a new thread in the not to distant future where you should post that stuff. use this for asking any questions reagrding membership/discussing membership
Basically, Pay a tenner. write your name, address and emergency contact details here saying you've paid.

What you'll get for paying: membership to the usmc. BMC membership meaning you dont get screwed over if you fall outside. and a quarterly magazine and discount card (I'll try get them to people)

What you won't get for paying: Nega membership. Hatred. antibanter from me and general abuse.

I'll update this to look good when I'm feeling less shitty. So far people I have acknowledged paying are:

Vegan Nick
Misc Freshers who i'll check at some point.


News and Club Info / Operation Move the Lockers!
« on: June 05, 2013, 11:44:59 PM »

For those who haven't seen on facebook....

The Club Locker is Moving!

If any of you cool people are therefore free next Friday at 3, meet by the locker and move the stuff to its new home/ load the buses for splat

Naturally, after this is done the predrinking for the 5-5 twelve hour megalash can start in the form of a deserved pint at Channies :) See you guys soon!

News and Club Info / boulder comps this year??
« on: October 05, 2012, 09:12:32 PM »
Hi everyone :D

If we were to organise any boulder comps this year, who would actually be interested in going?

News and Club Info / Winter skills 2013???
« on: October 05, 2012, 09:09:53 PM »
Right then people, I have a question:


if your thinking 'yes. I am. What's better then climbing actual snow capped mountains?'?! What a silly question!  If only I knew how... :( ' then post below a message of mass enthusiasm.

If your thinking 'nope. Not for me!' then youre an idiot and need to reconsider, since you will have an absolutely brilliant experience and learn lots of cool new things in snow! Im currently sat next to windle in the minibus who says that it was absolutely amazing, and if you don't want to then youre gay.

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