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News and Club Info / Welcome to the forum
« on: September 02, 2018, 02:15:22 PM »
Welcome to the 2018 edition of the forum, this should replace facebook soon.

It is the future.

Social Events / DJ Sash
« on: April 01, 2014, 02:34:36 PM »
Is at Butlins, Jon has disapointed me slightly!
However S Club, Sash, Vengaboys and Ian Van Dahl sound pretty amazing!

Other Activities / Anyone interest in open house London? 21st/22nd Sept
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:02:03 PM »
It's a free event (except the transport) up in London town that I think could be interesting
Of particular note (to me at least)
Liverpool St Crossrail
Battersea Power Station
And a ballot for 10 Downing St and the Shard.

Climbing Trips / Lundy 4th-6th May -Anyone interested
« on: April 12, 2013, 04:38:35 PM »
It's a bank holiday weekend at the start of the month, so that makes 3 days of possible adventuring.

Me and Al went last year, was great, I like that there is almost nothing on the island, it's not that cheap though....prices are per person

Ferry £62 (if you have to be choppered in/out it's +£28 each way, this also means the weather is particularly shit)

Camping Friday night £5

Camping on Lundy £20 (2 nights)

Car down ~£20

Parking £5

Food + pub + tat = £?
Total: £112+stuff

Social Events / Cinema - Bond - Tomorrow Wed 14th - Anyone?
« on: November 13, 2012, 01:41:24 PM »
As title, wanna see it, it's orange cheapskate wednesday.

Any takers?

Or if not any London oriented people wanna IMAX it up instead?

Social Events / Taken 2 - Orange Wednesday 17th
« on: October 11, 2012, 08:07:03 PM »
Taken 2 is the follow up to one of the all time best* action movies ever twice

It has bad ass Liam Neeson who is some ex badass man who goes around killing baddies.

I propose going to see this on Wednesday when it's BOGOF using orange codes

We can do pizza express first and go to the 8pm...anyone in
*Source: me

Winning people

Me (or)
Tor (or)
Stick (or)
Hannah B (or)

Bullshit and Random Banter / Panoramas
« on: June 24, 2012, 07:35:35 PM »
Has anyone got any pimp panoramas that'd look nice on my lounge wall?  I want to get one of those fancy canvas things to hang on the wall (so I look cool) and would like a nice edge or something to put up there that I actually recognise opposed to one of these generic scenes...

I remember there being a headtorch photo on UKC (I think of the roaches) but couldn't find it.

If you have one please shout, although my interwebnet is fairly limited!


News and Club Info / Owed From SPLOSH (for food)
« on: May 11, 2012, 03:17:07 PM »
I think these people owe money, mostly because they haven't been told, except Dave, he's just a vagabond!  Let me know if I'm wrong, I could well be.

Dave W - £9
Twindle - £6
Bri - £6
Samian - £3
Me - £9
Windle - £6
Jim - £3
Beth C - £3
Alans Brother (I think) - £3

Bullshit and Random Banter / Things to remember for Lundy
« on: May 08, 2012, 10:28:48 AM »
Just in case you wondered, or Alan forgets.

You probably can rock up last minute if you plan to camp.
The ferry costs £60 return, if you don't just go for the day.
Your car stays on the mainland and you have to pay to park it (don't leave things you want in your car)
Ferries run less often than you think.
If the ferries don't run you hopefully get choppered out for an extra £27.
You can't do a day trip if you want to climb.
The boat WILL steal your luggage for 4 hours from arrival if you put it in the hold -don't put climbing things in it.
If you're camping and it's raining, when your things arrive they will be wet.  Use a big dry bag if possible.
Lots of the island is restricted, lots of it is not, there are more than enough climbs to go round, as no one else on the island will be a climber.
The climbing is harder than you expect, if it says there isn't much gear in the book, there is no gear.
Devils slide is much more obvious if you try to find it walking from the bottom of the island on the coastal path.
The island is smaller than you think.
An ab rope would have probably been useful.
The pub serves 3 types of ale, including a Lundy Island brew.
The pub does not have carpet and comfy seats (this is important to Alan).
The burgers don't come with chips if they don't say they do.
The shop is well stocked with beer, bread, brie and salami.
Property rentals aren't too bad (~£25pppn), however booking dates are weird. Camping is £9-12pppn

I think I saw some puffins.

Diary / Roaches 11th-13th May 2012 : Don Whillans Hut
« on: April 24, 2012, 09:55:50 AM »
Well I'd forgotten I'd booked this, but the nice man has e-mailed me!  Who's up for it?

Transport is ~ £20
Accommodation is £16
Food will be a few squid on top.

For the record if you've not been to the hut it's nice and set IN the crag more or less and sleeps 12 peoples.  It will also be sunny! It's all trad as well.

1. Elly (drivering) (Pd £21 ol)
2. Matt
3. Me (Pd £41 cash)

4. Fatty (drivering)
5. Twindle  (Pd £41 cash) (owed £3 for bog roll)
6. Rhian  (Pd £41 cash)
7. Rich N (Pd £35 ol £6 cash)

8. Charlie (drivering)
9. Tarryn
10. James Baz (Pd £41 ol)
11. Jon C (Owes £19)

12. Cox -afar (driverer) (Owes £21)


Climbing Trips / Annual Dinner Bus List
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:36:25 AM »
I'm assuming everyone below is down as a bus'er, please let me know what time you're free from so I can organise buses!

We have VXW (16) and VZA (13)

Early Bus (VZA) - Leaving just after 5pm

1. Chris K just after 5pm
2. Aspen - 6am
3. Emma H -11am
4. Kilian -11am
5. Brian -12noon
6. Mikey - 12noon
7. Kirsty -3pm
8. Windle -2pm
9. Ant C - 3pm
10. Beth - 4pm
11. Jack Benson - 5pm
12. Marc -5pm

Late bus - Leaving ~7pm

1. Novelty - Later bus
2. Alex D - late decided.
3. Rhian - 6pm
4. Jon Crabb -6pm
5. Beth A -6pm
6. Mega Dave-6pm
7. Matt (Beiber) -6pm
8. Italian Tom -6pm
9. Izzy - 6pm
10. James Barry - 6pm
11. Alfie - 6.30pm
12. Hannah B - 7pm

Social Events / Pizza & Films Tonight
« on: January 21, 2012, 12:31:12 PM »
I don't know what my house is called, but I think everyone knows where it is.

Going to make some Pizza and watch some films this evening and possibly dry out from last night, slightly late notice but that shouldn't matter!

Bring things you like on pizza, I'll try and get everything we need though so don't feel you have to rush to the shops!

If you don't know where we live, it's here....

Thought it was £13.50 for the bunker?  :?
It's £15.

Then become a hero and do the minibus driving test.

We always seem to have many drivers then they all disapear, we don't want that to happen, so the more the merrier.

It's easy to pass and you get to meet Fred.

Just go to the union (activities centre down stairs) see the nice lady behind the counter (Leonie) who'll make you fill out a form and will also need both parts of your driving license.

It'll cost you £15 to do the test but the club will refund you when you pass (if you fail Fred will either tell you not to bother or you'll need to pay for the retest out of your own pocket -but I passed first time some how!)

Just on the off chance people are at a tangent tomorrow....

Myself and Jo will hopefully be sorting out some of the club stuff, namely....

The boxes of food things which need a good wash after font


The tents, which are currently a mishmash of poles, pegs, outers and inners, many of which don't fit together.  It'd be nice if these were all erected and made to be nice before freshers trip.

If you're about please let me know and I'll bell you when we're about!

News and Club Info / Tents!
« on: August 23, 2011, 08:56:48 PM »
Does anyone know where they're all hiding?  I'm pretty sure I only saw 2 in Danger Jons cupboard and there was one in the lockers, anone know where the other 100 have gone?  If you've got one can you pass it on to a font goer please as they might well be in need.

Social Events / Party Tomorrow...Saturday 23rd August
« on: July 22, 2011, 12:06:12 PM »
We're having a party, hopefully I've told everyone, but seemed to overlook the forum

Everyone is welcome, as long as we actually know you and you're not just a random reading the forum :D

Hopefully have a BBQ, I haven't checked the weather, so I assume it'll be glorious, start about 5.30/6pm, we'll light it when enough people arrive or I'm hungry.  Please bring your own burnables and booze.

As ever I have a noxious supply of spirits (some of which were kindly donated by Blondie so you can guess how old they are) which will be made in to a tasty punch, there's also triple sec and vodka jellies. 

And just in case you didn't know, we all now live here;

If you need to crash there should be floor space too, but I 'spect it'll be mostly Guildford peeps.

Climbing Trips / Font '11 - Bouldering in France - 24th-31st August
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:18:19 AM »
Can bus people meet at Danger Jons at 8.30 Wednesday please, we need to leave ASAP!

Can bus people please pay me DIRECTLY £50, this will cover ferry and camping.  Everyone else who's coming can you wire me £5/night you're camping please.  My bank details are here....if you don't know don't worry.

Please buy your insurance from the BMC -you'll want Rock cover

The August bank holiday weekend is raising it's lovely head in about 6 weeks time so it's time to start thinking about Font

What is it?  A mega bouldering trip in the warmth of France, if you don't like bouldering you'll like Font, it's social and doable.  It's sandstone, but it's nice sandstone so don't let that put you off either!  The sun will be booked.

Where? We stay at this campsite, and then drive to the crags

When?  Hopefully we'll have a couple of 9 seaters going for 24th-31st August subject to numbers, if we can get loads of people wanting to go for longer we can extend it.  People also go for the long weekend 25/26th-29th if they can't get the time off work etc.

Rough costs?

Ferry: ~£15
Petrol: ~£45 (by bus)
Camping: ~£5 per night
Insurance: ~£20

You'll also need to factor in food and booze, but you do tend to consume this if not on holiday.

Post below if you're interested and how long you'd like to go for!

And stuff you don't need to worry about but I'll loose otherwise!

H: 2.3m
L: 5.2M

The full week...

Bus potentials... your full names are here so I can book 'em on the ferry :D

1. Matthew Wake
2. Simon Cox [Paid £50] Owes £50
3. Brian Starkey [Paid £50] Owes £50
4. Alex Chapman [Paid £50] Owes £59
5. Thomas Rabbett [Paid £85] Owes £15
6. Marc Griffiths [Paid £50] Owes £50
7. Rob Provis [Paid £50] Owes £32
8. Espen Schjøttelvig [Paid £50] Owes £50
9. Jonathan Chenoweth [Paid £50] Owes £50

Ferry booked dept 11.50am 24th return 18.35 31st, have to be there 30mins before.


Ali* [Paid £35]  Owes £6 (2 nights food)
Alan [Paid £35]
Nick [Paid £35]
Liz [Paid £35]
Liz +1 [Paid £35]


Jo car

Fatty Owes £29 (camping & food)
Mr West [Paid £20] Owes £12 (food)

Long weekend...

Family Magon

Bob, [Paid £15]
Becky  [Paid £15]
Weeman  [Paid £15]
Tarryn  [Paid £15]
Hannah B [Paid £15]

Jungle wagon

Jez, Owes £26 (camping & food)
Lindsey, Owes £26 (camping & food)
Becka, Owes £20 (camping)
Andre, Owes £20 (camping)
Jason Owes £20 (camping)

Another Wagon

Joe Marsh Owes £31 (camping & food)
Nikki Owes £31 (camping & food)
Alex Jones Owes £31 (camping & food)

26th-31st....random time in the van


Well bus turned out to be £50, please can bus people pay me this by bank transfer,or in person with some cash..  Totals owed are above....


7th January 2012 LX359 7am LHR->GVA Terminal 1
14th January 2012 LX358 8.30pm GVA->LHR

Please send me your passport numbers to make sure you're good

Book skis here

Use my email (@mediamad) for the group booking, everyone pays for their own in resort

Please bring £30 in sterling cash to cover the transfers (unless you're steve or Hecker in whihc case it's £35)

Taxi list...

1. Me
2. Fatty PAID
3. Stick PAID
4. Evill
5. Nickynoo PAID
6. Chris K
7. Cox
8. Tor
9. Weeman
10. Hecker
11. Tarryn
12. Julia PAID
13. Stinks

Location: Avoriaz, France

Accommodation:  Fully catered see

Dates: 7th - 14th Jan

Cost:  £660-£750 (Almost all in, more for eating on piste and other niceties)

We only pay for 15 places but the accommodation can sleep 20, the more people we find the cheaper (and more fun) it gets.

Things for happy holidayers to do to ensure total enjoyment

Pay me £100 deposit for the chalet (it'll make you happy honest)


Post below with flight wants, we have the options of:

Early (6am) or afternoon on Saturday 7th flying out.  If you get the 6am, that means being up about 3am, but you might get to ski that day.

Same goes for the following Saturday, fly out afternoon ~noonish or early evening 6/7pm, late flight means extra day of skiing, when the piste will be empty, as it's changeover day!


Peoples interested:

1. Me (Paid everything) booked ski (8 day full)
2. Fatty (Paid £410) own ski (8 day full)
3. Stick (Paid £410) own ski (8 day full)
4. Tim (Paid £410) booked ski  (8 day full)
5. Lauren (Paid £410) booked ski  (8 day full)  
6. Evil (Paid £410) own ski (8 day full)
7. Nickynoo (Paid £410) (8 day full)  BOOK SKIS
8. Chris (Paid some amount) booked ski (8 day full)
9. Stinky (Paid £410) own ski (8 day full)
10. Tarryn (Paid £410) booked ski (7 day full)
11. Julia (Paid £410) booked ski (8 day full)
12. Cox (Paid £410)  BOOK SKIS (8 day full)  
13. Tor (Paid £410) booked ski (8 day full)
14. Weeman (Paid £410) booked ski (7 day full)
15. Steve (Paid)  booked ski (8 day full)
16. Hecker (Paid)  BOOK SKIS

Lung dependancies
Becky [Late/Late]

Maybe...keep in the loopy


Those who require pestering


Post if you're highly interested in bullshit on the other thread.

Cost breakdown

£230-£299 Accomodation
£100 - Flight (I'm being pessimistic)
£200 - Ski pass
£50 - Transfer
£80-100 - Ski Hire

Social Events / Bit last minute...Pizza/Bowling on Thursday (16th)
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:59:25 AM »
Right well I'm getting old (and it's my birthday) so have decided that I should probably do something, if you want to join please let me know and I'll book some lanes at bowlings.

Vague plan is go to the stoke for pizza at about 7pm, then go bowling for 8pm.

If you're tight bowling is £3 a game so you can afford it (

So far I think most of my house is going to come along, but the more of course the merrier!


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